Contemplations Vol. I – Poetry & Prose

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Excerpt from Contemplations Vol. I – Poetry & Prose

Back As One
Who hears my cry, my pain, my aches, and distant places;
Confused faces; unknown destinations.
From when they took me, blinded me, used me as a sacrifice
when they binded me;
Not knowing my own kind in me;
Provoked to remove the Divine in Me.
They gave me Religion, Confusion, Misunderstanding, Delusion;
Jogged memories of who I was;
Temptations to escape my mind with a buzz.
They took away my most prized pieces;
My heart to LOVE,
My feet to LEAD,
But most important to me….
My Eyes to SEE this.
They dragged me to a place that shadowed me from my Sun;
Where Freedom Rung,
so I began to Run…
And that is where my struggle begun;
But I continue to strive till I am back as ONE!

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